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With summer fast approaching and spring already here, getting to those outdoor trade shows or exhibitions makes it more of a day out than work. While you are enjoying the Sun, you don't want to worry about your display stands or roller banners.

Printed using the highest quality inks, our roller banners do not fade pre-maturely, staying sharp and vivid in the summer sun.

Here I am, talking about hot days in the summer, forgetting where we are, Britain. Remembering the weather here can be a little bit unpredictable, with Sun predicted across the whole of the UK, you can still bet you will see rain.

Never fear, we have come prepared. Several of our products come with British weather in mind.

Lets start at the beginning, the humble 'A' frame. Used since the dawn of time(or there about), the 'A' frame is a common sight on your local high street or business park. Starting at A2 size ranging to A0, these frames are ideal for a quick set-up and are tough enough to make them usable just about anywhere. Our outdoor versions are made using a galvanised steel backing for extra strength and stability. All of this combined makes this a popular solution for advertising in a busy environment.

Next up is the Eco Poster. It's oval tubular frame and water fillable base gives it the weight and stability to endure any weather. (There's a reason it comes with wheels!)

The Mistral range, purpose designed to be used outdoor offers the ability to vertically mount a PVC eyeleted banner. Again, the base can be filled with water or sand for added stability. With no tool required assembly the Mistral is ideal for advertising while mobile.

Our Blizzard stand is ideal for outdoor use or in very high traffic areas. It's base can be filled with sand/water to add stability. It's simple eyelet mounting allows the use of tough material and allows you to change the banner on it when needed.

The Storm Hydro 2 outdoor stand is one of the toughest display stands we offer. Just like the Blizzard the banner is mounted using Eyelets allowing for interchangeable graphics. Available as both single and double sided, the Storm Hydro 2 offers twice the advertising space. Designed to withstand wind speeds of 13 18mph the strength, stability and versatility on offer from the Storm Hydro 2 makes it a very popular solution for outdoor advertising.

Here at Kazoo, we are very much prepared for the great British outdoor weather. Offering some of the most durable solutions in the industry. These items are only a small selection of what we have on offer. Visit our website to see our Outdoor Displays section.

If you have any questions or can't find something that matches your needs, please contact us on 01543 466 311 or email
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