Outdoor Displays

Outdoor Displays

At Kazoo we offer a wide range of outdoor signs & graphics. Ranging from PVC Banner stands to A-Boards. Suited for outdoor & indoor use these products have been tested to be wind resistant and offer the rigidity needed to withstand the UKís weather.
Outdoor Displays
The Great British weather is traditionally unpredictable and when you are exhibiting at an outdoor event the last thing you want to do is waste time and money by having to pack everything away or cover everything with tarpaulins when it starts to rain or the wind picks up. This is where our Outdoor Displays come into their own. Some of our Outdoor Displays can be pegged into the floor, others have bases that can be filled with water or sand for added weight.

With so many options to choose from it can be hard to decide which is best for you. All of our Outdoor Displays are chosen to ensure they are weather resistant and can be setup outdoors with peace of mind. All of our outdoor displays are UV printed onto weatherproof materials making sure your display doesnít fail.

With several different types of outdoor displays available we have a quick summary below for you.

Outdoor Banner Stands
Just like our Indoor-Only counterparts our Banner Stands can be erected in minutes making these ideal for semi-permanent displays at outdoor events or trade shows. Our Outdoor Banner Stands have been designed with a water or sand fillable base adding to its stability.

Promotional Flags
Found in our dedicated flag section (here) our flags are constructed from high grade materials designed for use outdoor. Ideal as semi-permanent displays, Flags offer an eye catching alternative to the usual displays. With Promotional Flags up to 6metres in height they are easily spotted at a long distance, ideal for outdoor promotions. Our Flags materials are extremely tough and have been known to deal with winds well beyond their rating. Visit our flags section for more information.

Outdoor Banners
Our PVC Banners are printed onto tough 550gsm PVC Banner Material making them extremely tough and suitable for outdoor use. Our banners eyeleted using brass eyelets to ensure they are strong and long lasting. Being brass they do not rust either which makes them exceptional for long term displays on the side of buildings or on banner frames. Please find our PVC Banners in their own section here.

Pavement Signs
Some of our Pavement Signs or A Boards are built to be left outside for long periods of time. With water fillable bases adding to their stability and spring loaded holders, our pavement signs are built to withstand even the toughest weather.

If you would like help choosing an outdoor display or would like to discuss the options. Please donít hesitate to give us a call on 01543 466 311.