Roller Banners

Roller Banner Stands

Roller Banners (aka. Pop Up Banners, Banner Stands & Pull Up Banners) are an extremely popular advertising medium. Popular due to their size and quality, all of the Roller Banner Stands at Kazoo are easily set-up, only requiring a few simple steps. Ideal for exhibitions, trade shows and other events, all of our Roller Banners retract into their own cassette, protecting the graphic from the bumps of transportation.
  • Budget Roller Banner Stand
    The Budget Roller Banner Stand is one of our most popular products across our entire range. Known for its versatility and value for money, the Budget Roller Banner Stand has been the go-to product for...
    Sizes available: 800mm, 850mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 2000mm
    from £39.50
  • Zeta Roller Banner
    A sleek design that complements the beautiful print quality. One twist out foot for extra stability and a telescopic pole for ease of use...
    Sizes available: 800mm
    from £85.00
  • Eco Roller Banner
    The Eco roller banner is an economy banner with designer base and bungee pole, lightweight compact and complete with a twist out foot for extra stability, its funky shape and lightweight components ma...
    Sizes available: 800mm, 1000mm
    from £95.00
  • Orient Roller Banner
    The Orient roller banner is a popular stylish banner with a front loading graphic it gives you a larger graphic area from floor to rail. The adjustable feet are ideal for uneven floors on any surface ...
    Sizes available: 800mm, 1000mm
    from £115.00
  • Barracuda Roller Banner
    The Barracuda banner is proven to be one of the best reliable banners for regular use with its stylish and strong design. This banner is ideal for simple displays or exhibitions, it comes with its own...
    Sizes available: 800mm, 1000mm
    from £150.00
  • Dragonfly Double Sided
    Dragonfly Basics Roller Banner ...
    Sizes available: 800mm, 850mm, 1000mm
    from £115.00
  • Excalibur Roller Banner
    The Excalibur roller banner is a popular versatile banner ideal for exhibition or show room graphic display, this banner can be single or double sided making it more effective. Its unique wide base al...
    Sizes available: 800mm, 1000mm
    from £190.00
  • Delta Roller Banner
    The Delta roller banner is a durable roller banner for use in most situations, with adjustable feet its ideal for levelling on uneven surfaces, the high specification carry bag that the delta comes wi...
    Sizes available: 850mm
    from £125.00
  • Imagine Roller Banner Stand
    The Imagine roller banner is packed with features designed to make it quick and easy to use, the removable cassette is ideal for quick changes of graphics. With its anti slip feet itís more stable and...
    Sizes available: 800mm, 1000mm
    from £170.00
  • Sidewinder Roller Banner Stands
    The Sidewinder is a unique system when it comes to banner stands, with an integral pole design that makes sure you never lose your pole again and a patented adjustable ratchet mechanism which enables ...
    Sizes available: 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm
    from £160.00
  • Imagine Replacement Graphic
Roller Banners
The best feature of our most popular product has got to be its value for money. Roller Banner Stands offers an unrivalled bang-for-buck advertising medium. Being fully self-contained it is also ideal for transportation where exhibitions or displays are constantly on the move.

Roller Banners are ideal for any business user that needs a no fuss, high impact, robust graphic solution. Ideal for use at seminars, conferences and exhibitions our Roller Banners are set up and packed away in minutes.

Roller Banners consist of three self-contained items; base mechanism, Graphic Display and Support Pole. The cassette mechanism doubles up as the base of the roller banner adding support and strength to the display and when stored the cassette protects the graphic display. The Graphic Display when not in use is retracted into the cassette base protecting the graphic from any damage that may be caused when transporting or from extended storage. When in use the Graphic Display is pulled out from the base and attached to the support pole. The support pole is supplied and contained within the base mechanism. All that is needed to erect the Roller Banner is to assemble the support pole, pull the graphic from the case mechanism and attach to the support pole. The tension of the cassette will hold it all together. This combined with the use of industry leading materials ensures our banner displays stay flat and will not curl excessively at the edges.

When not in use the Roller Banner can be retracted back into the cassette and stored in the supplied bag protecting the graphic when stored or transported.

Due to these excellent advantages Roller Banners have been the go-to product for Large Format Indoor Displays for years.

We have a huge range on offer at different price points and sizes so we have something that will fit most budgets. We offer some of the UKís cheapest prices for Roller Banners so give us a try, you wonít regret it.